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A girl called Chloe had a pretty difficult time in her life. He sees no other way, as he returns to a good and well-known psychoanalyst for help. Heroin gets to see a doctor named Paul. They spend a lot of time together, discussing different facets and circumstances of the girl. After a while there are feelings I can not remember, leading to a violent story between Paul and the protagonist. Soon, the psychoanalyst makes an offer to his beloved, to whom he gives his consent.

After that, Chloe moves to live with her beloved lover, who will become her husband's right. She is in the seventh heaven with happiness. The girl believes that man is the one who is for her the High.

One day, when the heroine cleansed in the apartment, she accidentally finds a passport belonging to her future husband, but for some reason she has a completely different name. Chloe begins to realize he knows nothing about Paul. He tries to get answers to all the questions he's interested in from a man, but he does not give any explanation. She does not understand the mother's similar behavior. After several unsuccessful attempts to talk to him, the heroine decides to carry out his own investigations to find out the whole truth about the person he has left in his heart.

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Double Lover (2017)
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Original title:

L'amant double online

Year: 2017
Country: France, Belgium
Genres: Drama / Romance / Thriller / Erotic
Time:1h 47min
Director:François Ozon
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