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Harlem is a special area of ​​the huge metropolis of New York. It is mainly home to the Negro population. Most of the influence of criminal structures that are engaged in the spread of narcotic potions. On the streets you can buy from dealers - “coke”, “crack” in special cigarettes “coolies”. Among the criminals there are their own special laws, which are treated in a peculiar way for honor. In case of violation of such "concepts", immediate punishment should follow. Guilty just kill.

As described in the film “For Honor,” black-skinned U Kat brought school buddy Black to the gang. Mafia boss Primo and his right hand Kite explained to the guy the rules of conduct. Yu Kat soon began to lead the young gangsters - Dee, Jako and Mike. They have girls who in Harlem call "Trump Coins". Dee and Mike killed one of the debtors. The guys had to move to the Lower East Side. In this area, Tito is in charge of everything. Local gangsters do not need competitors at all. The clashes began, which turned into a real gangster massacre.

Honor Up (2018)
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Original title:

Honor Up online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Time:1h 24min
Director:Damon Dash
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