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The creators of the designers Playmobil decided not to go far from their legendary competitors Lego and release their own adaptation of the adventures of plastic heroes. In the center of the plot is a pedantic and responsible twenty-year-old Marla and her younger brother Charlie, who is always hovering in the clouds. Sister is no longer able to listen to Charlie's fantasy stories about the magical worlds, which he was inspired by the enthusiasm for the designers of Playmobil. But one day, Marla's life changes dramatically: Charlie finds a mysterious portal and disappears! The girl is in a panic, because she does not know where the restless brother went and what could have happened to him there. To save the boy, Marla goes to the portal to find him.

The stream takes her to the wonderful world of Playmobil! Yes, yes, the country of the same designer Charlie is fond of. It turned out that the magical place is not so safe - Charlie is taken hostage by a local villain. Marla faces a journey full of dangers and adventures, during which she will meet many new friends.

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Playmobil: The Movie (2019)
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Original title:

Playmobil: The Movie online

Year: 2019
Country: France, Germany, USA
Time:1h 30min
Director:Lino DiSalvo
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