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The film Snowblower tells the story of a decent American citizen. Mr. Coxman, being a decent family man, worked for the benefit of the resort town and its inhabitants, clearing the streets of snow on his snow plow machine. For diligent work and contribution to the development of the city, the person on whom the functionality of the transport arteries during the snowfall depends, was awarded the title "Man of the Year". But the evil case intervened in the quiet, measured life of the Coxman family. Son Nelsa dies at the hands of drug dealers. A father filled with anger, determined to avenge the death of his son, goes on the warpath. Nels, with cold-blooded cruelty, begins methodically cracking down on the bandits, killing them one by one ...

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Cold Pursuit (2019)
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Cold Pursuit online

Year: 2019
Country: UK
Time:1h 30min
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