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In Germany, four Jews managed the long years of war to be invisible to the fascists. Meanwhile, a massive wave of persecution of the Israeli people swept across Europe. By order of the Third Reich, they were found and destroyed by whole families, despite women and children. The Second World War touched many countries where Jews lived. Many of them were forced to go to the front to protect their small homeland from the German invaders. Others, on the contrary, died in hunger and cold, being in the rear of the enemy.
Many were lucky enough to join the partisan detachments. It was not the only chance, but a chance, for salvation. However, the essence of this story is not about these people of Jewish origin. Somehow, miraculously, only four immigrants from the Jewish people managed to hide from the oppression of Nazi Germany in the heart of Berlin.

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The Invisibles (2017)
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Original title:

Die Unsichtbaren online

Year: 2017
Country: Germany
Time:1h 50min
Director:Claus Räfle
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