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Events take place in California, where a huge number of rappers live. It was there that the main characters decided to create a special battle in order to have the opportunity to meet the rappers, and compete with competitors for their own title and loud name. Having passed this battle rappers have the opportunity to ascertain their talent and gain popularity among the listeners. A young guy named Adam never thought about rap, he lived his life boring and monotonous. Trying to get a job, Adam made no special efforts, therefore often employers did not consider his candidacy as an employee.

Adam's longtime friend decided to take part in the battle and took a friend with him so that he would dissolve a little. But when he heard rappers compete with each other, Adam also wanted to take part in it. When he first entered the circle, he was surrounded by strangers, among whom there were no friends and buddies. Adam gave an opportunity to a competitor to be the first to hear the unpleasant things that the rapper pronounced. The spectators stood in silence, they were bored, as they could not expect anything worthwhile from strangers. Well, as soon as Adam read his rap directed against his rival, the audience was burned with delight.

Bodied (2017)
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Original title:

Bodied online

Year: 2017
Country: USA
Genres: Comedy / Drama / Musical / New Movies
Director:Joseph Kahn
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