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Angela and Jackson are siblings who, with a small team of paranormal investigators, run a fake medium scam on clients who believe their houses are haunted. The team utilizes such things as recordings and trip wires to convince clients they've caught evidence of spirits, and uses the reputation of the siblings' late mother to promote Angela's powers as a medium.

During their latest job, Angela sees something paranormal. The strange incidences continue, causing Angela to worry about the parallels to her mother, who heard voices and wound up killing herself because she saw people who weren't there.

A new client, Mrs. Green, calls, desperate, requesting the team come immediately to stop the girls' "screaming." Angela is disturbed and turns down the request, though she later looks into the history of the caller's house to discover it was a great house turned school. The owner, Mrs. Green's, three nieces went missing. The girls were found dead, sitting in a circle as if at a tea party, with their mouths sewn shut. Mrs. Green's son, Herman was the one to take them. Mrs. Green continues to call, and Jackson, needing money to pay off a loan shark, agrees to the job, despite the reluctance of the other team members.

The team formulates a plan to con Mrs. Green, who has given them free rein of the house, except for banning them from the East Wing. Angela continues to experience paranormal sights and sounds, even seeing the murdered girls. Angela disregards the teams' plan and follows the spirit of one of the girls into the East Wing, where the floor collapses, snapping Elliot, the camera man's, ankle. On accident, they have discovered the place the girls had been kept. Angela wants to abandon the job, but Jackson presses for them to continue.

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Malevolent (2018)
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Original title:

Malevolent online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Time:1h 31min
Director:Jason Axinn
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