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The action in the film takes place in the eleventh century. At that time, Scotland was a heavenly place where technological progress had not yet reached. In this place not only the monarchy, but also the church had supreme rule. A modern person will never be able to understand how people lived in those times, but the filmmakers worked to ensure that the viewer fully plunged into this unknown atmosphere. The focus is on the brave and strong commander named Macbeth. He was in the service of the monarch Duncan. Thanks to his experience in handling weapons and controlling people, he managed to win all the fights. That is why he became the best of the best commanders of all time. However, a horrible story happens to him soon.

During the next battle, when the enemy was already expelled from their territory, Macbeth, along with his friend Banco, met three mysterious witches. These women told the main characters about their fate. Maxbeth will rise to the throne of the king, and his descendants will take upon themselves the great honor of being legitimate heirs. Of course, they did not believe the witches, but left their words in memory. When the heroes came back, they learned that the commander-in-chief was expelled, which means that the prophecy gradually begins to come true. Macbeth's wife did not want to wait that long, so she offered her husband to kill the current ruler in order to speed up the effect of the prediction ...

Macbeth (2018)
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Macbeth online

Year: 2018
Country: UK
Genres: Drama / New Movies
Time:2h 1min
Director:Kit Monkman
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