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In the maelstrom of events is a woman scientist who is an ardent atheist. She does not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Her name is Beatris Seru. She studies insects and is a leading entomologist in the whole wide world. And on the planet in the meantime, there is an irreparable disaster. A well-known corporation for growing genetically modified products has created a drug that adversely affects the animal and plant world. Livestock dies at an incredible speed, and the plants do not produce crops and dry out at the seedling stage. Numerous complaints and threats fell on company executives and officials. The world is gradually preparing for the second coming.
Beatrice is trying to understand the causes of the global epidemic. She travels around the world in the hope of finding an antidote to this tragedy. Soon she becomes a witness to the magical resurrections of her charges. Then, the self-confident atheist, who saw the future only in science and technology, begins to think about the meaning of life. She is increasingly becoming a witness to the creation of a real miracle that can only be performed by the Supreme Power or, more simply, the Creator God.

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The Second Coming of Christ (2018)
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Original title:

The Second Coming of Christ online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genres: Action / Drama / Family / New Movies
Time:1h 32min
Director:Daniel Anghelcev
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